5 Contemporary Malaysian Design Directions

5 Contemporary Malaysian Design Directions

Selecting what defines Malaysian Architecture is rather complex in the midst of different designs orientation observed in the local scene.

With the prominent proliferation of International Style, Malaysia has nonetheless incorporated these oversea influences albeit some that may seek to preserve the local identities. As such, designer tend to meet with the dilemma of identity. Ultimately this creates a collision of cultures (Malay, Chinese, Indian, indigenous, Western) in the form of a new synthesis, inducing both a degree of disorientation and a unique sense of energy and excitement.

This synthesis of design orientation are recorded for prominent Malaysian projects completed between 2002 – 2015.

What are the Architecture direction for the next decade in the midst of 2020 vision?

Such directions are summarized in these 5 directions:


The below pictorial examples highlights the observations of the local scene:

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_001

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_002

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_003

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_004

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_005

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_006

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_007

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_008

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_009

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_010_b

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_011

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_012

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_013

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_014

Selecting Malaysian Architecture_015


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