6 Observations of Public Spaces in Malaysia

6 Observations of Public Spaces in Malaysia

Observation of Public Spaces in Malaysia
In the eyes of Jane Jacobs

01 – Area around Park must not be underused.
Observation: KLCC Park vs Perdana Botanic Garden.

KLCC City Centre Park – Offices, Leisure and Residential surrounds the Park. Easily Accessible/ shortcuts among towers, the park is highly used.

002_Perdana Botanical Gardens
Perdana Botanic Garden – Institutions and private club houses stays within, with heavy traffic Jalan Damansara and Jalan Parlimen bounded the park, making Perdana Botanic Garden alive only during weekend and events.

02 – City Centre to be multiple used and flexible.
Façade are irrelevant. Potential in Adaptability takes precedent. Hospital, Hotel, Office share similar façade whilst allowing flexibility of changing programs within. Observations: KL Sentral and Bangsar Shoplots.

003_KL Sentral
KL Sentral – Façade no longer dictates the program. KL Sentral hosts multiple interchangeable programs.

004_Bangsar Lot
Bangsar Shoplots – the high turnover of tenants allows adaptability of the place.


03 – Significance of Sidewalk to Encourage Interaction.
Observations: Jalan Ampang, KLCC and KL Sentral sidewalk

006_Street View
Jalan Ampang, KLCC – broad, well lit and landscaped walkway making shopping easier.

005_KL Sentral Sidewalk
KL Sentral Sidewalk – Despite the density of towers, islands of towers discourage foot commune.


04 – Business/ Social Activities encourage use.
Contrast Observations: Putrajaya Boulevard and The Curve.

007_Putrajaya Boulevard
Putrajaya Boulevard – Majority of Institution buildings and street parking made mute towards the boulevard, especially under the glaring weather.

008_The Curve
The Curve – Abundant of F&B, Retails, Events and Music draw crowds.


05 – Performance Zoning rather than Land use Zoning.
Contrast Observations: Sooka Sentral and The Nu Sentral, Setia Alam and Jalan Alor@Bukit Bintang.

009_Sooka Sentral
Sooka Sentral – Despite the good composition of Retail among the office towers, the Retail building merely becomes active during office hour and empty during off-office. Land Use Zoning is not sufficient as it neglect the use of time.

010_Nu Sentral
Nu Sentral – Good Circulation between stations and Brickfield create footfall to the mall regardless of the hour. Performance oriented design look beyond composition but also circulation, visual, and population.

011_Setia Alam
Setia Alam – The segregation of the Residential and Commercial, though may provide security and privacy, may also enforces transportation by vehicle rather than by foot. The clear segregation of land use designated spaces singularly.

012_Bukit Bintang
Jalan Alor @ Bukit Bintang – Residential above and Commercial below, Jalan Alor has become a vivid performing space without much security and privacy.


06 – Green as Barrier + Natural Surveillance + Social Activities as a separate causality.
In turn, Green Space enforces Social Activities, Social Activities help Natural Surveillance, and Natural Surveillance subvert Physical Security Barrier. Ie Putrajaya vs Desapark City.

Putrajaya – High density of residential surrounds the Linear Putrajaya Lake are segregating the concept of “Green as Barrier + Natural Surveillance + Social Activities”. Mix of programs allow 24 hours surveillance.

014_DesaPark City
Desapark City – mixed of commercial, leisure and resort connects the green space creating social activities, which in turn natural surveillance and reduces any physical barrier.

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