Architectural Presentation References

Architectural Presentation References

    Its rare to see the Architectural Giants perform presentation. In a competition to design 425 Park Ave, New York, we got a chance to have a glimpse of their techniques and presentation boards.

    Most would be surprise to find the presenter having no clue about the project yet able to present for 10 minutes, some may not be having eye contact to the audience and with hand covering the head. These gesture and fluke amaze us as to how these body languages and presentation glitches can get to where they are.

    In terms of images, some may seek to amaze using high gloss images and animation while others using the traditional easel and hand presentation. Without commenting on the quality of presentation, I applaud your watching for the below for your verdict and comments.

    Zaha Hadid

    Rem Koolhaas

    Richard Rogers

    Norman Foster

    These videos showcase presentations to client. This is different to presentation to the public or on stage or on camera where its typically choreographed and well prepared. This however is more similiar to student’s final presentation. As such the blog for these videos.


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