10 Similarities and Differences Between Architecture and Prostitution

10 Similarities and Differences Between Architecture and Prostitution

    Being the second oldest profession, Philip Johnson famously quote:

    philip johnson

    “Architects are pretty much high-class whores. We can turn down projects the way they can turn down some clients, but we’ve both got to say yes to someone if we want to stay in business.”
    – Philip Johnson

    That was spoken decades ago. Now we have more similarities and differences between the 2 professions:


    10 Similarities

    1. Both professions are more than 4000 years old
    2. Love working at night and always lack of sleep
    3. Working more efficient when it gets ‘in the mood’
    4. Don’t need basic capital when starting a job
    5. Almost working for cash (very few who works for pure enjoyment)
    6. Always ready to serve lots of client at once if has strength
    7. Love clients who’s loaded with cash (especially foreigner)
    8. Prone to labour abuse
    9. Has to get to know clients characteristic to serve
    10. When clients are in the bad mood, both got treated very badly.


    10 Differences

    1. Architect earn money with the brain, prostitute earn money with…
    2. Architect serve everyone, regardless of sex. Prostitute only serve male
    3. Architect don’t gasp while working
    4. Architect don’t lay down while working
    5. Architect can wear clothes while working
    6. Architect don’t get paid everytime they meet client
    7. Clients need architect to work as fast as possible – compare to prostitute, the slower the better
    8. Clients don’t catch their breath after using architects services
    9. A client hardly use architects service twice a month
    10. Architect using prostitute’s service more than prostitute using architect’s

    In prostitution services have hierarchical system with the high end escort and the cheap one. In Architecture would you want to be paid expensive or cheap?


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