Patterns on Earth – Natural vs Artificial

Patterns on Earth – Natural vs Artificial

Spending time wandering in Google Earth has led to amazing finds.

Here, we have a comprehensive gallery of satellite imagery that shows these dazzling patterns along with the requisite links for their locations. This allows audience to see the locations for themselves on Google Earth/ Bing Map.

Below is a small gallery of this ongoing project. Submissions are welcome and yours truly highly recommends you check out the entire gallery below:

001_Alien Scape in Tanzania
Alien Scape in Tanzania

002_Flower field in US
Flower field in US

003_Volcano peak in Hawaii
Volcano peak in Hawaii

004_Volcano Hole in Chile
Volcano Hole in Chile

005_Ridges in Kalimantan
Ridges in Kalimantan

006_Ridges in Kalimantan
Fractal in Kalimantan

007_Rocky Patches in Jordan
Rocky Patches becoming dessert in Jordan

008_White Fields in Spain
White Fields in Spain

009_Straight Fields in Florida
Straight Fields in Florida

010_Palm Trees Estate in Malaysia
Palm Trees Estate in Malaysia

011_Hilly Palm Trees in Malaysia
Hilly Estate in Malaysia

012_Windmill farms in California
Windmill farms in California

013_Coloured landscape in Newark, US
Coloured landscape in Newark, US

014_GRIDed fields in Kankakee, US
Grid fields in Kankakee, US

015_Centre Pivot irrigation, Haskell County, US

Centre Pivot irrigation, Haskell County, US
016_Parisian street, Paris

Parisian street, Paris

017_New York Grid
New York Grid

018_Internalised bueno aires
Internalised development of Bueno Aires

019-Radiating Palmanova
Radiating Palmanova

020_Confined Mega block of Ciudad Neza
Confined Mega block of Ciudad Neza

021_Red Market of Xico
Red Market of Xico

Courtyards of Barcelona

-to be continued-

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