URBAN TALK RADIO STATION (CITYPLUS FM)- 6 steps to Building a New Landed House

URBAN TALK RADIO STATION (CITYPLUS FM)- 6 steps to Building a New Landed House

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Architectural Discussion 2


In recent times we are seeing more interesting design in landed housing in the form of Bungalow, Semi-Ds and linked houses. As compared of Building with strata title and high rise residence, landed housing allows for better expression of the owner character and lifestyle.

This is especially true for a growing population of second generations whose parents are living in landed housings in Bangsar, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Damansara Heights and Shah Alam. They are looking to stay near to the parents upon moving out and setting up their family. There are also populations moving into landed housing after disliking living in high rise.

Today’s Architectural conversation intends to shed light procedure in building in new landed house from scratch. As compared with our previous episode discussion, this procedure will consist of extra steps in getting your design right and house built. This is because there are more authority submission and the budget control. Your consultant will advise you the steps in detail. The below are the xx steps.

近期,我们可以在独立房,半独立房 和 连接的房子 看到有趣的设计。 相比之下,分层地契房屋与高楼住宅相比,落地房屋可以更好地体现房主的性格和生活方式。
这尤其是给第二代人口居住在孟沙,Bandar Utama,八打灵再也,Damansara Heights和莎阿南的有地房屋。 他们希望在迁出 和 安置家庭时靠近父母。 还有人因为不喜欢高楼生活而进入有地房屋。
今天的建筑交谈 旨在 建设新的 落地房屋。与我们以前的剧集访谈相比,这个过程 将 包括更多的步骤 来让您的 设计表达 和 理想房屋建成。 这包含了更多的 地方当局提交过程 和房屋预算控制。 您的顾问将会详细分享 建设新落地房屋 的步骤。 以下是我们建议的6 阶段。


6 steps to Building a New Landed House
建设新有地房屋 6 阶段


1) Appointing a consultant (聘请设计师)
a. You may get advice from your relatives and friends any recommendation of consultant. (您可要求亲戚朋友,推荐一些他们曾经使用,拥有口碑的设计师)
b. Meet up the consultant to see if the consultant can match your expectation and if you can work well with the consultant. (与设计师会面,了解顾问能否符合您的期望,以及你是否能与设计师良好的合作)
c. Scope of a consultant (了解设计师的工作范围)
i. Design and propose material and finishing (设计和选择建筑材料)
ii. Submission to relevant authority (提交相关文件给有关当局/管理委员会)
iii. Tender document preparation (准备投标文件)
iv. Tender Evaluation (投标评估)
v. Making sure the project expenses is under budget (确保建筑费用在预算之中)
vi. Contract Administration – making sure both client and constructor is abiding the building contract. (装修合约:确保客户和建筑承包商都遵循这份装修合约)
vii. Defect Check (缺陷检查)

2) Appoint an Engineer(聘请工程师)
i. Engineer is important to be appointed in the early stage to ensure beams and columns do not obstruct the spatial design. (预先聘请工程师可以有利予设计阶段,以确保梁和柱不妨碍空间设计。)
ii. Beams and columns may affect door and window location and height. There is a trend to allow tall doors and windows to maximum lights and allowing a sense of generosity. (梁和柱可能会影响门窗位置和高度。最近有一个流行设计,制造高大的门和窗户带进自然光,并带来大方的感觉。)
iii. If any cantilever is needed to prevent columns around the car porch area. (如果需要任何悬臂来设计没有柱子的车房。)


3) Working with your appointed Consultant. Your consultant will have to dig your brains to understand your desire lifestyle. You have to express your intentions. This can be done via reference pictures from google, pinterest or design magazine. (与您聘请的设计师密切合作. 你的设计师必须了解你的想法,根据你的理想生活方式来设计。您也必须表达你的想法。 这可以通过Google, pinterest或设计杂志的参考图片来讨论。)

4) Getting the Floor plans to assure the spatial configuration fits your lifestyle. Typically this may take several revisions before getting your ideal design. (设计师画出平面图设计,以确保空间设计和配搭,符合您的生活方式) (通常,在获得理想设计之前,可能需要进行多次修改。)

5) Feng Shui/ Vastu Shastra advisor should be in to make adjustment based the proposed plan in this stage. (风水师应在这阶段进行设计调整。)

6) Recently there is a trend to design concrete roof. This is mainly due to Australian or European Modern Design influence. While these countries may have lesser rainfall, our Malaysian weather is less forgiving. Concrete roof may crack under the Malaysian weather, allowing leaking. Proper design allowing sufficient rainwater discharge and roof material may prevent unnecessary and prevalent water leaking in many of our Malaysian Houses. (最近有许多设计 混凝土屋顶 的设计流行。 这主要是由于澳大利亚或欧洲摩登设计的影响。 虽然这些国家的降雨量可能较少,但我们马来西亚的天气多雨多晒。 在马来西亚天气下,混凝土屋顶可能在几年后会出现裂缝和漏水. 适当的设计 和适当的屋顶材料 会让雨水充足排放。 这个可以减少我们许多马来西亚房屋中 不必要的屋顶漏水)

7) Getting the Perspectives image to assure the intended space. (从设计师获取 透视图 以确保预想的空间)

8) Consultant to prepare preliminary estimate of the probable construction costs to evaluate if the work is under budget. (设计师对可能的建筑成本进行初步估算,以 评估 工作是否 属于 屋主的预算.)

9) Consultant will develop submission drawings for local planning department. You have to understand and agree on the designed schematic plan before the consultant can submit drawings to local authority. (设计师将 准备 提交 图测。 在设计师向 当地政府规划部门 提交图纸之前,屋主必须了解并同意设计。)

10) Based on Local Authority Regulation, consultant to submitting drawings to local planning department. (跟随 当地政府规划部门 的规定, 设计师 向 当地政府规划部门 提交图测。)


11) Once the local planning department has given an approval, the designer can move on to the next stage. The designer can then start to prepare Design Development drawings to the Local Building Department. (一旦 当地政府规划部门 批准,设计师可以进入下一阶段。 然后,设计师可以开始向 当地政府建筑部门 准备 提交发展设计 图测。)

12) Based on the Design Development drawings, the designer to prepare a more accurate estimate of the probable construction costs to evaluate if the work is under budget. (根据设计发展图纸,设计师准备 更准确 的估算,以评估工作是否属于屋主的预算.)

13) The designer to update the project planning and implementation schedule for client’s approval. (设计师 得 更新 项目规划 和 实施时间表,供屋主批准。)


14) Consultant may commence Tender drawings and documents for potential Tenderers. (设计师 可准备 招标图纸 和 文件以分发给 潜在性 的 投标 建筑承包商。)

15) When you are satisfied with your design, you may now consider appointing a contractor with the help of your consultant. (当您对设计感到满意时,您可以与 设计师 的帮助下 来 招标 建筑承包商)
i. Analyse the submitted tender condition and quotation (分析 投标 条件和价格)
ii. Interview to clarify doubt on the submission (访问投标者提交的投标条件和价格)
iii. Appoint the contractor based on the submitted documents(根据提交的投标文件去聘请建筑承包商)

16) Discussion with consultant the selection of materials finishes, fixtures and furniture and equipment. This is also the time to appoint nominated subcontractor for designated work such as kitchen setup, Solid Timber Floor Installation, CCTV and security setup. (当 建筑承包商 被聘请后, 屋主与 设计师 讨论材料的选择,装置,家具和设备) (这也是 聘请 二手承建商的时间,如厨房设置,实木地板安装,闭路电视和安全设置。)
a. Obtain samples of materials for reference during construction.( 在施工期间取材料样品供参考。)


17) Once the local building authority has approved, Site work can commence (一旦 当地政府建筑部门 批准, 建筑工作可以开始)

18) With the assistance of the consultant, conduct Visit to the site to make sure work are done accordingly with the desired outcome. (在 设计师 的协助下,进行施工 探访 以确保承包商按照预期的结果进行相应的工作。)
i. (you may ask the contractor to work on designated areas to evaluate the intended effect)( 屋主可以要求承包商在指定区域进行工作,以评估预期效果)

19) With the help of the designer, to instruct the contractor to make any changes to the existing design. (在设计师的帮助下,指示承包商进行任何更改)

20) The designer also has to make sure if the contractor can finish the work on time. (设计师还 必须 确保 承包商 是否可以按时完成工作。)

21) Vet through any non-conformance work according to the drawings.( 检查任何不合平面图设计的工作)

22) Make payment to contractor (付款 给 建筑 承包商)

6. COMPLETION (施工完成)

23) Architect to issue Certificate of Completion and compliance for the building once being satisfied that the building is fit and safe for occupancy. (建筑设计师一旦确认该建筑物适合和安全入住,则颁发 建筑物完工证书和合规证书。)

24) Collecting as built drawings and maintenance manuals to the client (设计师向客户收集 完工图测和 维护手册)

25) Arrange delivery of Loose furniture.(安排家具的输送)

26) Allow a defect liability period for any defects.( 允许建筑承包商 缺陷责任期 )

27) Upon the expiry of the defect liability period, make final payment to contractor.

The above act as a mere guideline. For further details of the above procedure, you may visit ffdrt.com for further contact details for Shen Fei. See you next week.
以上仅作为指南 。 有关上述步骤的更多详细信息,您可以参观ffdrt.com了解更多联系绅飞设计师. 下周见。


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